Youth Fest 2014

Youth Fest 2014

Gujarat, India

give them the experience of worshiping the living God

The Youth Fest organized by the Church of North India, Gujarat Diocese youth advisory board for the youths of Gujarat was in partnership with Alpha India.  It was held at YMCA International Centre, Ahmedabad. This Fest was attended by over 1400 youths and covered by the DNA English newspaper.

The main aim of this youth fest was to gather the youths in large numbers, evangelize them and give them the experience of worshiping the living God and also to have a Q&A session to discuss current topics related to them. After the event the youths would meet on a weekly basis and a youth fellowship would start in their respective Churches by running the Alpha for Youth.

The powerful ‘Joshua Generation’ worship team from Mumbai took the youth closer to God; there was an amazing time of experiencing His presence through worship. The world renowned guitarist and preacher Dr. Benny Prasad played his guitar and shared a very powerful life transforming testimony and preached on the ‘Challenges of life’. The National Director of Alpha India Mr. J. V. Raj spoke on the ‘Right choices of your life’ by sharing the story of Nicodemus the young man who went in the Right Direction and who approached the Right  Person (Jesus) so that he could get the Right Answers for salvation

There was a wonderful time of interaction with Dr. Benny Prasad and Mr. J V Raj, during which the youths openly shared their challenges and issues. The program ended with a Gujarathi dance led by C. Vanveer.

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