GLOW Shillong 2019

GLOW Shillong 2019

It was an amazing experience.....first time in my life I prayed for someone instead of someone praying for me and God really touched the soul ...

Kicking off an extraordinary marathon of gatherings in North East, GLOW Shillong roared to life on 13-14th September at the Dorbar Stadium. 

It was a conference that was unprecedented and the first of its kind in Meghalaya. We saw more than 110 young leaders from over 30 churches in Shillong converge as hosts of volunteers greeted each one with warm smiles, hi – fives and willing hearts. 

 In spite of the grey skies and frequent downpours outside over these two days, the delegates remained undeterred and streamed in both days, ready to make lasting memories. 

 During this two day event, we had  powerful and intimate worship, fun and creative sessions and profound word with hearts opened with the palpable embrace of God’s loving presence. There was a host of sessions conducted for the youth to  inspire fresh vision and hope for the future and  empower and equip them to walk out the call of God on their life.  

For the first time in North East, we launched the Alpha Youth Series  and we saw tremendous impact through the screening of the first episode. The delegates were thrilled by the screening and loved all the practical tools provided in how to Run Alpha effectively for their church. 

 Each session challenged them to adopt God’s vision for them and to discover their calling as leaders.  This conference was truly an unforgettable, life- changing, heart- warming experience for every delegate in the room.

 Here is what they had said about the conference:-

 “It was an amazing experience I’ve never been in such conference like this and first time in my life I prayed for someone instead of someone praying for me and God really touched the soul and even i started crying so praise the Lord and thank you Glow. Would love to join in the near future.”

“GLOW has boosted me in my spiritual growth. I got to experience the love of God through the worship songs and the short sharings. I'm immensely blessed. Thank you all for rejuvenating my spiritual growth. Thank you to all the volunteers and all the leaders. I'm so grateful to you all. Continue to shine for His glory! I GLOW, YOU GLOW, WE GLOW TOGETHER.”

 There was  a real sense at GLOW Shillong of chains being broken, young men and women breaking out of their fears, walking away from the shame of the past into a life of freedom to be  found in the NEW. 

It was God breathed and awe- inspiring and we can’t wait for next year!

 Our prayer for Shillong is that each delegate will lean into the invitational lifestyle God has for them, with renewed zeal and passion, and that together the force and magnificence of God’s Kingdom on this earth will be felt as we engage the future together.

For a full look back on the event, watch our highlights video.

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