Loreni's Story

Loreni's Story

Women's Alpha, India

With all of our insecurities we come to a place of belonging at Alpha.

Having run the Alpha several times with different groups in various settings I have always had a strong desire to run Alpha among women specifically. In Alpha we find a safe place to share our doubts, fears, questions and a warm environment to learn, laugh and share our life stories. Here we discuss issues that concern our life, to be valued for what we have to say and who we are. We women are good at bringing other women down or easily pass comments; we compare ourselves quickly with who we think are better, we doubt and judge ourselves, we worry about our past, fear about our future. With all of our insecurities we come to a place of belonging at Alpha. In Alpha we listen to each other, encourage and build each other up. Here everyone's journey is a story worth listening.

Around September 2014, we invited few of our friends and started Alpha within our friends circle. We were five of us and except for me all were new to Alpha. Initially it was a lot of hard work as it was the first time we were running Alpha at home. Each week I would prepare food, clear up the house and wait for the guests to arrive. It was very encouraging to see all of them come week after week. As they got familiar to the setting the guests started to take up leadership and helped with the talks, small group discussion and food arrangement.

A few of the participants from last year's Alpha caught the vision and they shared their desire to run Alpha among women this year. In February, I met with Gail who was part of the course last year and Yassmi who was keen on attending. They shared the same excitement to have a second run of Alpha among women. We were excited to run it again, together. On March 7th 2015 we have started Alpha among women comprising ladies from different walks of life - working women, housewives and universities students.

We are looking forward to some exciting times ahead!

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